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An original take on gemstones, jewelry making, and the history of jewelry as we know it!

Written in an oh-so-cheeky style by Kelly Fields

Holiday Gift Giving Jewelry

Holiday Gifting

Giving gifts can be a real challenge. No one wants to be known as a bad gift giver, you know, the person who doles out

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From the Saint K Blog: December Birthstones

December Blues

It’s rough being born in December. Not only do December-born humans struggle to get birthday recognition in a month already stuffed full of copious amounts

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From the Saint K Blog: Custom Tanzanite Jewelry

Purple Gemstones: Tanzanite

I’ve reached the point in my quarantine where I find myself daydreaming of vacations past. Remember the good old days when we were allowed out

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Sapphires: A Royal Obsession

Royalty from around the world adorn themselves in these enchanting gems. I suspect it’s because they consider sapphires the perfect blue stone to match their

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This blog isn’t your traditional, boring set of rules of jewelry type of blog. We focus on history, gemstones, the process and more, with a side of cheekiness.

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