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From the Saint K Blog: Antique Citrine Earrings

Everything Is Better In Gold

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia were the OG Golden Girls, but you can be the reboot! November babies rejoice for your streets are paved with gold. You get to choose from two glamorous golden birthstone options, citrine and topaz. You really can’t go wrong with any birthstone jewelry made from these gems, but here’s a little info about each stone to help you choose…if you have to because “both” is always an option too.

From the Saint K Blog: The Golden Girls
Golden Girls, Season 2, Public Domain Image

Citrine is actually a variety of quartz that exhibits a golden yellow color due to ferric (iron) content in the stone. I am totally not a doctor, but if you are anemic maybe just wear some citrine to get an iron boost instead of eating spinach. It sounds way more pleasant to me. You can find this gem in all sorts of golden tones varying from canary yellow to a deep reddish gold called Madeira citrine.

From the Saint K Blog: Citrine
Citrine Crystals Here in the Studio

Topaz is just…well topaz. It is a gem category unto itself. Topaz occurs in many colors, but November’s birthstone is the rich golden yellow gem which is referred to as precious topaz. That’s right, you can do your very own Golem impression and refer to your topaz ring as “my precious.” 

From the Saint K Blog: Topaz Gemstones
Topaz gemstones from Stuller

Citrine and topaz are both hard stones that hold up well in jewelry though topaz is slightly harder than citrine, which explains the price of topaz also being slightly harder on the wallet. However, the good news is that you can use the stones to make a custom ring and wear it without fear of scratching the stone as you flail your hands about for emphasis when trying to convince your friends that Star Wars is clearly a better franchise than Star Trek…or you know…whatever your thing is.

The Ancient Greeks and the English Victorians in particular coveted the beauty of both topaz and citrine. Both cultures wore these stones in fine jewelry pieces. The way I figure if the classiest people in history flaunted these stunners they must be something special.

These birthstones carry lovely meaning for the wearer. Citrine is believed to spark the imagination and help with fresh beginnings and new pursuits. While topaz has been worn to assure a long life full of beauty and intelligence. As an added bonus the English used to have a superstition that topaz cured lunacy so if that’s a problem for someone you know…well maybe they need a glittery topaz ring!

Both stones are reminiscent of fancy yellow diamonds. A lovely precious topaz or citrine can make a beautiful alternative engagement ring with just as much elegance without the massive price tag. Plus, you can cos-play Carrie Underwood with a glamorous canary-colored engagement ring, though we make no promises that it will help you sing like her.

So have some fun and let us here at Saint K help you source a dazzling gemstone to set in a custom piece of jewelry that will be both eye-catching and unique to you.


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