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Jewelry Trends for 2020 and beyond!

When the pressures of 2020 have got you down and you need a pick-me-up there is nothing more fun than exploring new trends in jewelry.  So, I’m going to stop mindlessly shoving Sour Patch Kids into my mouth for a few minutes and tell you about some eye candy instead. See… looking at new trends in jewelry is HEALTHY. It’s practically like eating your vegetables. Enjoy!

Color is the name of the game right now. Be on the lookout for colorful gemstones that can brighten your day. Spinel, topaz, garnets, quartz, sapphires, and moissanites come in loads of unique colors that can be used as a pop of sunshine in a unique jewelry piece. Remember how you used to love a fresh box of crayons with all those bright colors? Well, wouldn’t it be better to have a colorful ring on every finger. Yeah, I think so too.

Saint K Asscher Cut Green Moissanite Gold Engagement Ring

Chunky jewelry pieces and thick gold bands are on-trend. Finally chunky is in style. I’ve been waiting my whole life for that. But seriously, feel free to go for the 8mm wide band or the thick gold chain. These can become statement pieces in your jewelry collection. Plus in case the bottom drops out of the stock market you will have an investment in gold, and that’s just smart economics. So really, buying that hefty gold bangle is just the responsible thing to do.

Star-shaped jewelry is hot right now I think because with everything going on on earth it’s kinda nice to think about being in space. Star-shaped cut-outs, celestial embellishments, and star-shaped charms are going to be everywhere. Add a few diamonds onto those star shapes and you can really sparkle. 

Saint K Celestia Gold Diamond Star Ring

Layering pieces on your fingers, neck, and wrists is on trend this year too. One bracelet is good, but eleven is better. Layering is not only fun, but a great way to be able to wear more of your jewelry collection at one time. My husband once told me I only have ten fingers so owning more than ten rings is useless. Ha! Now I can simply explain that I need at least three to five rings per finger, and therefore must do some shopping. 

I don’t know about you, but since this year started I have been doing a bit more drinking. So it is only appropriate that cocktail rings are also becoming more popular because nothing goes better with vodka than giant rocks. Besides, it gives people something to look at while you raise your glass again and again as needed because let’s face it at this point drinking is medicinal. 

Open shaped geometric rings are also popping up too. I love these because you can get a beautiful statement piece without having to pay for any gemstones. Then you can explain to your partner that buying this trendy new ring actually SAVED money. That’s just math.

Otta Negative space Necklace

Jewelry trends are exciting, but you can still never go wrong with a timeless custom piece either. So when the world leaves you feeling dull, get yourself a little something shiny. We here at Saint K can help, just drop us a line and we can make your jewelry dreams come true. 


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