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Reimagined Engagement Ring by Saint K Jewelry

Redesigned Engagement Ring: A Beautiful New Stacking Ring Set

Sara came to me to create a redesigned engagement ring, that was currently tucked away in a drawer from her previous marriage. With the dust settled and wounds healed, she wanted to remagine her engagement ring into something she could wear and represent her new beginning.

At the start of every project, I create sketches for the client. I do this to narrow down a design and focus before creating any CAD models.

Sara knew she wanted rose gold, and she wanted to use her diamond, but gave me free reign to create whatever I thought would look best! I experimented with various designs to see what she liked.

To keep her design fresh and new, I experimented with adding colored gemstones, such as sapphires, colored diamonds, and aquamarine.

I also played around with different shapes of side stones, including baquettes, pears, and octagon shaped styles.

redesigned engagement ring rose gold stacking set by Saint K Jewelry
Custom Engagement Ring Redesign by Saint K

Creating the Perfect Stacking Ring Set

After reviewing the designs, Sara really gravitated towards the stacking options, so together we pushed the design a bit further.

We ended up with the idea to create a bold right hand ring stack.

The initial stacking set called for four separate rings, each set with additional gemstones.

Something that she could mix and match, depending on her mood or outfit. She also wanted to include some colored stones, specifically blue. We choose sapphires and aquamarines, both muted in color to not take away from the main diamond.

redesigned engagement ring rose gold stacking set concepts
Original design called for four rings.

Right Hand Rings

Ring hand rings have long represented independence and strength. They are an excellent way to be bold and show off your personality. Creating a right hand ring stack for Sara just felt right, given her new found sense of self and identity.

In the end, the full stack includes five separate rings! I created the redesigned engagement ring stack in CAD, and fine tuned each ring to fit her finger, and fit with each other.

Each ring was cast in 14k rose gold.

redesigned engagement ring rose gold stacking set
The final design and stacking ring set.

Sara's Redesigned Engagement Ring

Her main bling, the right hand ring, features her diamond from her old engagement ring. It’s surrounded by 5 moissanite stones all the way around, two round moissanites on either side, and a marquise moissanite on the top.

The next stacking ring features an open band, with a moissanite baguette on either side of the opening.

The third stacking ring features a round moissanite, set in a bezel, and added texture to the top of the band.

The fourth band does not contain any gemstones, but is a bump out style band with added texture on the top.

The final band features an ombre mix of aquamarines and sapphire.

The entire stacking ring set can be mixed around from top to bottom. Sara can also just mix 2-4 bands, or wear on separate fingers for a completely different look!

redesigned engagement ring rose gold stacking set

Cheers to New Beginnings!

Sara had a rough divorce, and this ring was the remaining symbol of a relationship from the past. I was so happy to help her create a jewelry piece she felt proud and confident to wear, and represented her new phase of life. Here’s to new beginnings!

Interested in creating your own reimagined ring? You can start by checking out the process here, or just drop me a line!


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