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Meet Stephanie, creator of Saint K.

Welcome to this crazy, wonderful Saint K blog!

Doesn't everyone else have giant, life-sized gemstones hanging around to pose with? No? Ok.

Back when the whole idea was just getting off the ground, my hubs and I did a photoshoot in our house. I modeled the jewelry, and he played Steven Meisel behind the camera.

This blog idea was just a glimmer in my eye and took a back seat to actually creating the jewelry.

I’ve had this idea of a blog for quite some time. I have visions of grandeur in my head, but no real way of putting it to paper. Until I turned to family, specifically my SIL, to help guide me through the fantasy swirling in my head.

As someone who had written before, for both national blogs and her own enjoyment, I saw her as someone who could take my little idea and give it life.

We haven’t had hours long meetings about the tone, design, and topics, as one might at a traditional agency (yo – that’s my background!), but we were quickly able to find our voice and finally get some ideas to paper – or screen.

Our dog, Roxy, photobombing the photoshoot!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I’m more excited to share untold stories of the world of jewelry, through creative points of view and a slice of humor.

I hope that along the way, you discover something you never knew about jewelry. Or maybe you learn about the process of jewelry making, which I find most people don’t understand the complexity and hours involved.

Or maybe this blog is your daily entertainment and escape from the never-ending stressful news cycle and ugly facebook posts!

Regardless of what you get out of it, I hope you just freaking enjoy it!


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  1. So excited about this new venture for you Stephanie. Look forward to reading and learning!!

    • Thanks, Aunt Teri! We are excited to see it come to life, too.

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