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I love telling a story through jewelry. I’ve always been an artist, and told stories through art. But my way of telling has evolved from graphic designer to jewelry designer.

My first line, Lovely Baubles was just the jumping off point. But I wanted more, and Saint K was born.

Saint K is a wonderful exploration into using color and design, to create memories and jewelry that will last a lifetime.


Stephanie, owner of Saint K Jewelry

What I Do

I create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are unique to each customer. My independent studio allows me to be hands on for each project from start to finish. I work with everything from diamonds, moissanites, sapphires, and garnets to everything in between. I love adding color!

Our Philosophy

Your jewelry should be a reflection of you. I make sure the customer is involved every step of the way.

From concept to creation, your input is valued!

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From the Saint K Blog: Inspired by Mom
Inspired by Mom

Our mission

My mother was always so put together, with just the right amount of colorful jewelry and accessories to match her colorful wardrobe. She took great pride in how she presented herself, and she always looked beautiful.

Saint K is a tribute to my mother who, after a 9-year battle with ovarian cancer, passed away the week of my wedding. Saint K pairs the kind, colorful, and bright spirit of my mother, with my own edgy and adventurous personality to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

My hope is to keep her spirit alive through vibrant jewelry.

Saint K Jewelry Denver Owner



Artist, lover of extreme mountain sports and a glass of wine of the deck. Loves to rock hot pink lipstick.
Saint K Jewelry Office Manager



On permanent PTO, providing snuggles throughout the day. Loves long walks in the prairie dog patch. And snacks.

Saint K Jewelry Gem Buyer



Amazing eye for beautiful gems. Builds custom guitars as well! Loves nintendo music and heavy metal.